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    We have a passion to drive successful organisational change utilizing the power of Game Based technologies, with over 25 years covering large transformation, learning & development and communication programmes, we are on a mission to 'raise the bar' in relation to engagement, collaboration and behavioral change.


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    We would like to thank ALL of our Clients, Partners & Friends for their help & support

    Personal Track Safety (PTS) - Rail Industry - A number of Game Based Learning experiences for PTS

    East Midlands Trains are working with Applio Game Based Learning platform to create three Games, for Personal Track Safety training, two are collaborative experiences and one is a reinforcement experience.


    Personal Track Safety is a required certification for anyone who is required to work on or near the line in relation to the UK rail network

    Organisational change - Healthcare - Bridging the gap to deliver better models of care

    Eirene Health believes that change provides an opportunity for all involved to experience enjoyment, learn new things about themselves, and grow in confidence and ability. This is especially important right now for those involved in Healthcare.


    "Serious Games provide a platform that shift teams from process improvement to mastery, delivering best practice efficiently and effectively, enabling a rapid payback on projects"


    Calum Macleod - CEO Eirene Health

    A Number of NHS Trusts

    Working with Applio to deliver engaging & collaborative Healthcare experiences

    We are working with a number of NHS trusts that are assisting in the creation of the subject matter expertise, that is used to develop the content for a number of Applio Healthcare Experiences - thank you.


    Major Utility Provider - Bridging The Gap

    "Applio is a really exciting technology. If it had been available on the last programme we undertook, it would have saved significant amounts of money and slashed delivery timescales"


    David Flynn - Snr Manager RWE Trading GMBH

    Working with Applio to deliver engaging & collaborative Healthcare experiences

    WMAHSN will lead, catalyse and drive co-operation, collaboration and productivity between academia, industry, health and care providers and commissioners, and citizens, and accelerate the adoption of innovation to generate continuous improvement in the region’s health and wealth.


    Learning Partners

    "Applio is truly innovative & goes far beyond the normal games for learning approach seen in most solutions"


    Nicola Whitton - Prof of Professional Learning

    Innovate UK is the UK's innovation agency

    We work with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy..

    Creators of Eden Star

    Flix Interactive is a well established studio based in the West Midlands, they have worked with a multitude of clients from corporate to small business. Their flagship game is Eden Star.

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