Applio was invited to a Mental Health Prevention & Innovation Workshop on 16th May 2017 at ICentrum Birmingham - which is a really cool venue.

OK, so I'm going to be honest - we are a start up and the workshop was to look at how digital technologies could be used to assist with early intervention in mental health in Birmingham.
I have to say the whole experience was highly 'moving' - I and you and everyone else have our issues, problems, daily concerns, pressures - I have to say that Mental Health is a real concern and a concern that can be improved - easily, well, easily if the right interventions are joined up and collaborated in true partnership, linking ALL of the relevant agencies together an a cohesive way.
Sounds like a political broadcast..............
Anyway to get to the point, Applio is going to look and work with the consortium that is trying to change the way we address Mental Health and I hope we can ALL make a difference.
We build Games, Games can create behavioral change, games can be collaborative, engaging, educational, enjoyable...........but there are also people who suffer from Games.
Let's work together and be 'Game Changers'...for good not bad

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