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    Game Based Learning - Demo Games

    • GDPR Game - General Data Protection Regulation - Employee Awareness Game, built in partnership with a number of large organisations 
    • General Knowledge Board Game - This is a multiplayer general knowledge board game designed to show the capability of our Game Based Learning platform
    • Pressure Ulcer Game - This is a shortened version of an actual game developed in partnership with the NHS
    • Personal Track Safety Game - A single or multiplayer experience for the Rail Industry developed in partnership with East Midlands Trains

  • Game Based Learning Demo Games

    Please Note: The demo games can be played as a multiplayer or single player experience, most are designed as multiplayer, collaborative game based learning experiences, but can be played in single player mode.


    If you would like access to the Demo Games please complete the form below and we will send through 2 user accounts and passwords to enable you and a colleague to play all of the games - Enjoy!

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