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    Our suite of GDPR Game Based Learning Experiences Are Now Available

  • Our Game Changing Vision

    Applio is on a mission to change the way that organisations utilize Game Based Learning (GBL). Our platform provides an organisation with an engaging, collaborative learning environment - with one major difference, our Games can be easily changed and updated to address the on-going requirements of your organisation, providing a return-on-investment that currently does not exist in the Serious Games Market.


    E.g. Your organisation is about to engage on a major change/ transformation programme:


    Our platform can be deployed to deliver the communications that are required to deliver a successful change initiative in an engaging and collaborative environment that is delivered to groups of employees via Tablets, PC's or across the Web - this experience can be easily changed and updated to reflect the on-going life-cycle of your programme, guaranteeing a consist message that is far more cost effective than traditional PowerPoint presentations or town hall meetings.


    Other Experiences Include: Healthcare - Pressure Ulcer Training, Dysphagia / Rail - Personal Track Safety / All - Incident Management

    GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation


    We are currently building numerous Games within our platform and are looking to partner with organisations to create new experiences, if you would like to find out more about this opportunity, please contact us.


  • People Change - Not Organisations

    We provide both subject matter expertise and a unique focus on creating engaging, collaborative experiences that focus on your people to drive communication, engagement and behavioral change.

    Collaborative Learning

    Learning & Development is a key resource for your organisations success, we inject a collaborative element into your L&D strategy - Workshop effectiveness with e-learning scalability.


    Games tell stories, stories based upon your organisations content - everyone likes a good story, and stories engage the audience - use the power of stories to drive change in your organisation.

    Return on Investment

    Our unique platform provides an organisation the ability to build engaging experiences in HOURS not months, that can easily be changed and updated to reflect the organisations current requirements.


    Applio is on a mission to change the way that organisations utilize Game Based Learning. And are working with a range of organisations to create a library of games.

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