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    Business Focus

    We have a passion to drive successful organisational development & change utilising the power of Digital Learning Technologies. With over 25 years experience covering large transformation, learning & development and communication programmes, we are on a mission to 'raise the bar' in relation to engagement, collaboration and behavioural change.

    Learning Innovation

    Applio has developed award winning learning and engagement technology, using unique and highly effective collaborative learning experiences that drive discussion, engagement, teamwork, enjoyment and collaboration.

    Breaking Down Barriers

    For too long, advanced digital learning techniques such as games based learning, have been too costly, complex and risky for many organisations to implement. Applio's approach addresses these issues head on and brings new methods of digital learning within the reach of the many not the few.



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    Innovation in your L&D Strategy

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    Game Based Learning Platform

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    Cost Effective Business Simulations

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    Leveraging AR and VR



    Applio's highly flexible approach and technology is applicable to a wide variety of applications. Here's just a few examples...

    • Creating learning tools for training both health professionals and care workers in the prevention of pressure ulcers  
    • Creating a suite of learning challenges for a broad audience of 16-19 learners covering: business, accounting, law and personal development
    • Integrating a range of targeted market & sales performance data into learning games to help regional and local managers avoid and eliminate complacency about their market position     
    • Collaborative games exploring how the values of an organisation may be applied to everyday choices
    • Making a learning experience that allows rail industry personnel to prepare for industry tests in an engaging and non threatening manner 
    • Making 'dry' subjects such as GDPR more engaging through the use of story based digital learning 


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    Engagement Delivered

    Applio works with both large and small organisations in both the commercial and public sectors. We take the time to understand our clients needs and tailor our approach to meet them in the most commercially effective way possible. 

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    Creating Engaging Solutions

    Appllio works with a variety of organisations to create compelling solutions and content. If you think your content would benefit from next generation digital learning please contact us.

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    We can help you develop the next iteration of your learning approach. Uniquely we can support you experimenting with new learning technology without the need for significant commercial investment through our fixed price 'Explore' package. 

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    Game Based Learning

    Games based learning is known to be effective but has traditionally required the commissioning of a bespoke application. Applio's innovative technology removes that challenge and places the control in your hands.  

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    Simulation has been a 'staple' of recent digital learning innovations. However, the expense involved can often relegate it to specialist business cases. Find out how relevance, authenticity and engagement can be created without breaking the bank !

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    Technology integration

    Newer technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality offer enormous potential for learning and development. However, their use needs to be founded on a clear business case. Contact us to discuss how to integrate new technologies into learning strategies.

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